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Homeapp International real estate Department
We're discovering new countries and cities for Russians
Your project becomes a guide to the wonderful world of Turkey for people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaidzhan and Kyrgyzstan.
Our targets:
  • To discover new real estate markets for Russians
  • To attract interest of Russian investors
  • To support the internal demand for the international real estate market.
  • To develop international partnership and reliability on real estate market
  • To establish sustainable long term relations with professional real estate developers worldwide.
Commercial proposal
Homeapp proposes to your company to attract more customers from Russia and CIS countries to your projects with effective and controlised marketing campaigns and professional sales-experts.
  • We are the most reliable partner in the Russian real estate market
  • All of our technologies of promotion working for result
  • We're discovering countries and cities with developer's projects
  • We're not only promoting and selling real estate, but we're also talking about all the benefits of your country and city
  • We're hope to create a permanent relationship with real estate developers all over the world

About Homeapp:
Homeapp is a digital proptech real estate agency which combines:
  • IT-company with an expert examination of data processing

  • real estate agency with its own team of experts

  • modern marketing digital-agency.
Professional team of experts, lawyers, IT and marketing specialists.
in Moscow real estate market coverage
company's experts
potential customers per month
>billion ₽
cost of sold real estate objects per month
partner's offices in Moscow
times growth of company's real estate listings portfolio per yea
О Homeapp:
Gold partner
de luxe
Gold partner of Sberbank, VTB and Uralsib (the biggest Russian banks) in numbers of completed mortgage transactions
The only real estate agency in Russia — is the resident of Skolkovo innovation center (Russian analogue of Silicon Valley)
Partner for leading Moscow residential real estate developers selling 100+ premium and deluxe projects
Exclusive partner of Yandex (search engine №1 in Russia) of selling services in Moscow real estate market
We're using all tools of marketing and PR:
  • Advertising more than at 43k websites
  • Social media
  • Professional texts about Turkey and your project
  • Landing pages
  • Professional photo and video content
  • 3D-tours
  • Chatbots (Whatsapp, Telegram)
  • Whatsapp-shop
  • Internal consumer's data base
  • Cross-sale

Partners network
There are >146 million people in Russia. But we already know who your client is. Because of a broad network of partnerships we can promote your project to everyone.
All of Russians will know about your projects!
5 clients are ready to buy
The work of the overseas department began with a Turkish project. Luxury villas in Marmaris are not an easy task to realize. Having started work in early December 2020, by the end of the month we were able to attract more than 200 potential customers. More than 50% of them expressed interest in the project, and already 5 clients are ready to view the objects.
While working with foreign projects, we use the most effective promotion methods: contextual and targeted advertising, conducting thematic webinars, promotion in offline events (exhibition "Mpires 2020").
Potential clients in the first month
Interested clients
Project advertisement format
Promotion of objects
Ready-to-buy customer
Luxury villas Marmaris
Promotional materials
Team: Еxperts
Andrew Sharovarov

Director of Luxury and International real estate Departments.
Work experience more than 21 years.
Violetta Korotkih
Expert of International real estate Department in Turkey.
Work experience more than 5 years.
Dmitriy Ovcharuk
Irina Sitnikova

Expert of International real estate Department in Egypt, Cyprus and Georgia.
Work experience more than 10 years.
Expert of International real estate Department in Italy, Greece and UK.
Work experience more than 10 years.
Natalya German
Head of International real estate Department.
Work experience more than 14 years in the International real estate market.
Best Agent in international real estate market (2018) and she was the member of the jury in Homes Overseas Russian Awards

Team: Marketing
Anna Nekhorosheva
Director of PR,
15+ years work experience
Andrew Protsishen
7+ years work experience

Head of marketing team,
10+ years work experience

Anton Kalabukhov
PPC manager,
8+ years work experience

Sofia Pavlenkova
Milena Arslanova
4+ years work experience

Targeting manager,
5+ years work experience
Motion designer,
10+ years work experience
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